Join us on a learning experience and develop the edge of understanding market events so that you are able to negotiate the volatile macro environment and distortions in the markets.

Looking at the response and the feedback received from our existing members, we have decided to extend our Learning Fellow Investors (Macro) group on paid basis with enhanced features to our new members. The group will gain exposure to:

(a) News and views around the world on Global Macro economic environment

(b) Understanding their importance and finding their relevance in current economic environment scenario

(c)Investing in different asset classes- outlook for the same.

(d) Sector themes that are likely to benefit from govt. policies.

(e) One to one interaction on queries related to macro factors.

(f) Weekly Global updates and numbers in a summarised form.

(g) Probable implications of global macro events based on past events.

(h) Understanding Central bank policies and market dynamics in a very simplified language.

Addon feature with extra charge.

1. Will provide red flags and corporate Governance issues on 12 stocks per year for proposed investment ideas by members. It will be strictly confidential and personalised information.

Kindly send the request through the contact form or direct message @nishant10a or @Vipul2304 on Twitter. Email to :

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