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Turkey Currency Implosion a debt bomb of 510 Billion Dollar-Country by Country Update on Debt

Since last many years, we have seen constant depreciation of Lira against dollar. While President is busy in firing all Central Governers and Deputy Governers, Lira is facing drastic plunge against Dollar and Turkeys Stock Market (Borsa Istanbul) saw two times circuit filter in a single day. Since last few months, Lira went to 17…

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Recently we came across news about various institutions writing off Investments in Evergrande Bonds and booking Billion-dollar losses. Similarly, BFAM booking annual loss of $4 Billion on Chinese Real Estate Credit bets. So all in all many entities are in line to Book losses like Ashmore, HSBC, UBS etc. Now let us emphasize why year…

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Local Government Financing Vehicle (LGFV) – How it helped fuel the Chinese housing bubble

In our previous blogs, we have written in detail about China’s real estate mess where we have described that how the crackdown on real estate sector can trigger contagion effect in the economy, its impact and then we further emphasised on Collateral Loan Obligation implosion. But somehow all those blogs are not complete if we…

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SREI-More than 35000 crores exposure for Banks

While Banking Index is making new high but people and Banks are missing some great exposure of SREI group. Lets look at the exposure on combined basis, individual Company basis and detailed individual basis: Combined Exposure of SREI Group S.NoName of BankAmount in Crores1UCO BANK                   12,578.002Axis Bank Limited                    9,280.003AXIS TRUSTEE SERVICES LIMITED                    5,236.984National Bank for…

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Reverse Repo Data

For last two months we have seen huge spike in Reverse Repo Market where in the size of reverse repo is touching trillion dollars and more daily. The charts attached below gives a eagle eye view of what is happening with this liquidity: The excess liquidity which Central Banks have created is now being parked…

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Update on China Debt

SAFE Releases China’s External Debt Data at the end of March 2021 Annexed table:China’s Gross  External Debt Position by Sector,End of March 2021End of March 2021End of March 2021(Unit:100  million RMB)(Unit:100 million US dollars)General Government265964047   Short-term957146     Currency and deposits00     Debt  securities957146     Loans00     Trade credit and advances00     Other debt liabilities00   Long-term256393901Special drawing rights (allocations)00     Currency and…

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Global Update – Part 3

List of bonds held by Blackrock in Chinese Real Estate and Financial Cos. This is a list of bonds having exposure to the Chinese real estate and financial markets. By Nishant Maheshwari, Vishal Vora Disclosure: This is for information only. Should not be considered as an investment advice.

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Global Update – Evergrande (Part 2)

We all know that major world economies are roiling in debt. Recently published figures indicate the global debt has reached 296 trillion dollars in the second quarter of 2021 (IIF Global Debt Monitor Sept 14, 2021). Debt to GDP ratio is now around 350%. What is interesting is that from 2014 to 2020, the Global…

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Global Event Update- Evergrande

The global markets are on a high given the fiscal stimulus and central bank profligacy. Since March 20 fiasco, market is making daily new highs in less than one and a half year without caring about the events looming all around the globe. During this euphoria, certain markets too have entered into bearish zones. But…

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Gamma Squeeze

The concept of short Squeeze is prevalent in market these days but the correct terminology to define this concept is Gamma Squeeze. Before describing the events of Gamma Squeeze, we need to emphasize on the real meaning of Gamma Squeeze. “Gamma Squeeze” as the term suggests is an outcome where investors using many options drive…

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