Start-up Bubbles- Why Mutual Funds are betting to give Exit to PE Participants?

Today when I saw newspaper, I saw Delhivery coming with IPO. When I saw twitter, I got to know that roughly 2346 crore have been raised from 64 Anchor Investors. Prominent names like Goldman Sachs, Amansa, Aberdeen, Tiger Global, Schroder and Baillie Giffors were international participants. Domestic Institutional funds like SBI, HDFC and ICICI areContinue reading “Start-up Bubbles- Why Mutual Funds are betting to give Exit to PE Participants?”

Japanese Yen- Silent Killer Development in Global Economy

One of the most interesting development happening in currency market currently is Depreciation in Japanese Yen. While the global media is focussed on probable economic impact of Russia-Ukraine war, effect of sanctions, supply chain shortage, energy crisis and many more such things The anticipated effect on Russian Rubel was very high but the same recoveredContinue reading “Japanese Yen- Silent Killer Development in Global Economy”

Update on Yield Inversion, Credit Default Swaps and Credit Spread-Sign of recession

Update on Yield Inversion On 16.03.2022, Fed announced rate hike of 0.25%. All of a sudden, we saw some huge action in Bond and equity market. While equity market cheered this move like there is no tomorrow and the Bond yields spiked all of a sudden. What was most awaited was the yield inversion. TheContinue reading “Update on Yield Inversion, Credit Default Swaps and Credit Spread-Sign of recession”

Inflation or Stagflationary Deflation?

A quick look across the commodities pricing for the past one year reveals an inflationary picture. Source: This will certainly seem a lot given the returns posted here. Given that we have been through a pandemic induced supply shock and now a war like situation threatening additional supply sources, it is a general expectationContinue reading “Inflation or Stagflationary Deflation?”


While the western world is busy with sanction policies these days on Russia and Russian Stock Exchange historically had a nightmare over Putin’s diplomacy. With Russian Stock Exchange like Moex or RTSI falling like a pack of cards (Single day downfall of more than 30%) Russia banning trading in Stock Exchange, freezing asset prices ofContinue reading “UKRAINE AND RUSSIA-GLOBAL EXPOSURE”

Turkey Currency Implosion a debt bomb of 510 Billion Dollar-Country by Country Update on Debt

Since last many years, we have seen constant depreciation of Lira against dollar. While President is busy in firing all Central Governers and Deputy Governers, Lira is facing drastic plunge against Dollar and Turkeys Stock Market (Borsa Istanbul) saw two times circuit filter in a single day. Since last few months, Lira went to 17Continue reading “Turkey Currency Implosion a debt bomb of 510 Billion Dollar-Country by Country Update on Debt”

Ali Baba and its 920 Entities-Financial Comedy in Modern Day Value Investment-Part 1

We all know that lots of quality funds and investors are holding Alibaba in spite of the fact that the share prices have crashed by more than 65% from its $320 in 27.10.2020 to $111.96 (As on 03.12.2021). Being one of the largest owner entity (More than 920 Entities operating in one umbrella), Books ofContinue reading “Ali Baba and its 920 Entities-Financial Comedy in Modern Day Value Investment-Part 1”

Mocan -Chinese E-Commerce giant Bankruptcy

The Chinese E-commerce giant suddenly declared Bankruptcy in Shenzhen leaving many supplier to flock to the MoCan branch in Shenzhen to demand their dues from the company. However, when they arrived at the office of the company, they discovered that the space was empty. The dues were pending since long time. About MoCan MoCan isContinue reading “Mocan -Chinese E-Commerce giant Bankruptcy”

Country Garden (Time Bomb bigger than Evergrande)

Day in and day out we are preoccupied with Evergrande Debt saga. Some people claim that the size is biggest in China. But today we will emphasise on Country garden which seems to be far far bigger in size than Evergrande. Just in terms of number of projects Evergrande has 817 projects but Country GardenContinue reading “Country Garden (Time Bomb bigger than Evergrande)”

Vodafone Idea-Update on Bond yields(Junk Bond) and Liabilities

Before going into depth of Vodafone Idea Debt, let us look at the Bond yields of Vodafone Idea. Out of 7500 crore, Rs 6000 crore is required to be paid by company before 14th February 2022 (Can be claimed as Valentine Stock). The details of Bonds are as under: Vodafone Bond Yeilds ISIN No MaturityContinue reading “Vodafone Idea-Update on Bond yields(Junk Bond) and Liabilities”

SREI-More than 35000 crores exposure for Banks

While Banking Index is making new high but people and Banks are missing some great exposure of SREI group. Lets look at the exposure on combined basis, individual Company basis and detailed individual basis: Combined Exposure of SREI Group S.No Name of Bank Amount in Crores 1 UCO BANK                    12,578.00 2 Axis Bank LimitedContinue reading “SREI-More than 35000 crores exposure for Banks”

Role of Yuan in Influencing value of Dollar

Overview As on date much has been talked about Evergrande and its contagion effects but how does contagion effect get triggered is the key point. While the whole media claims that “What happens in China remains in China” but the situation as on day is telling us different Scenario. Before going into depth of ContagionContinue reading “Role of Yuan in Influencing value of Dollar”