Bank of Japan-Self created Trap of 36 years

In last few days, we are seeing a lot of tweets about BOJ Bond buying programmes especially about a single day spike of $24 Billion Bond buying or exhausting 10 days quota of buying in one day. However, in spite of such large level of intervention, the Yield Curve Control  (monetary policy action whereby aContinue reading “Bank of Japan-Self created Trap of 36 years”

What does it mean when China Reopens?

A lot of speculation is going on with respect to China as CV19 cases are increasing multi fold after the restrictions of lockdown have been lifted. While on one side speculation is happening in USDCNY where the currency came down from 7.20 to 6.96, on the other side, Hangseng which corrected heavily during the phaseContinue reading “What does it mean when China Reopens?”

Crypto Market update-Tether-What is inside Tether and how transparent Tether is?

After the crypto space, we came across with one news that Tether lost its peg against dollar. The whole crypto story is not over without Binance and Tether where Sale or Purchase transaction of crypto took place. Original Link to post Tether Ltd. also says one Tether is worth exactly one US dollar.Continue reading “Crypto Market update-Tether-What is inside Tether and how transparent Tether is?”

PC Jewellers-Why noise of NPA when the account was NPA in FY 2021-22 itself

PC Jewellers announced that it made default of RS 3470 crore on 27.10.2022. Market was skeptical about banks actively involved in this Company. Lets starts the real analysis through some interesting fact and data. While analyzing the report of PC Jewellers we came through following observations: Observation: In page No 60 of Annual Report ofContinue reading “PC Jewellers-Why noise of NPA when the account was NPA in FY 2021-22 itself”

Bond Market & Volatility

The Black Swan is an interesting book and a concept. It includes an example of a Turkey which due to complacency and routine feels it is normal to be fed everyday and that process will continue forever. Until one day it is fed upon. Stability and complacency breeds instability.  Throughout history the fallacy of manContinue reading “Bond Market & Volatility”


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Implication of Weaker Chinese Economy and Yuan on Global Economy

Since September 2021, we have written a lot about Chinese Real Estate problems along with Local Government Financiang Vehicle (LGFV) model of China. Since the same is talk of the wall street, we need to concentrate on future currency problem of China. We all are tracking movement in market on day-to-day basis. But the realContinue reading Implication of Weaker Chinese Economy and Yuan on Global Economy


Day in and day out we have read that the Mortgage default in China has started but none of the article is able to give detailed explanation that why the borrowers are defaulting against loans. Not only borrowers but business loans defaults are also taking place in China. The only reason given at present isContinue reading “CHINA’S MORTGAGE  DEBT DEFAULT- TRILLION DOLLAR RISK!”

Start-up Bubbles- Why Mutual Funds are betting to give Exit to PE Participants?

Today when I saw newspaper, I saw Delhivery coming with IPO. When I saw twitter, I got to know that roughly 2346 crore have been raised from 64 Anchor Investors. Prominent names like Goldman Sachs, Amansa, Aberdeen, Tiger Global, Schroder and Baillie Giffors were international participants. Domestic Institutional funds like SBI, HDFC and ICICI areContinue reading “Start-up Bubbles- Why Mutual Funds are betting to give Exit to PE Participants?”

Japanese Yen- Silent Killer Development in Global Economy

One of the most interesting development happening in currency market currently is Depreciation in Japanese Yen. While the global media is focussed on probable economic impact of Russia-Ukraine war, effect of sanctions, supply chain shortage, energy crisis and many more such things The anticipated effect on Russian Rubel was very high but the same recoveredContinue reading “Japanese Yen- Silent Killer Development in Global Economy”

Update on Yield Inversion, Credit Default Swaps and Credit Spread-Sign of recession

Update on Yield Inversion On 16.03.2022, Fed announced rate hike of 0.25%. All of a sudden, we saw some huge action in Bond and equity market. While equity market cheered this move like there is no tomorrow and the Bond yields spiked all of a sudden. What was most awaited was the yield inversion. TheContinue reading “Update on Yield Inversion, Credit Default Swaps and Credit Spread-Sign of recession”

Inflation or Stagflationary Deflation?

A quick look across the commodities pricing for the past one year reveals an inflationary picture. Source: This will certainly seem a lot given the returns posted here. Given that we have been through a pandemic induced supply shock and now a war like situation threatening additional supply sources, it is a general expectationContinue reading “Inflation or Stagflationary Deflation?”