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Inflation or Stagflationary Deflation?

A quick look across the commodities pricing for the past one year reveals an inflationary picture. Source: This will certainly seem a lot given the returns posted here. Given that we have been through a pandemic induced supply shock and now a war like situation threatening additional supply sources, it is a general expectationContinue reading “Inflation or Stagflationary Deflation?”

Banking analysis-Analysis on RBL Bank and Yes Bank

While in our previous blog of Update on Estimated loss of 563 Crore to Mutual Fund for holding RBL Bank Share, lots of readers have requested us to give a detailed analysis on how to analyze a Banking company and what all aspects we should cover to understand Banking fundamentals. So in this blog, weContinue reading “Banking analysis-Analysis on RBL Bank and Yes Bank”

Update on Estimated Loss of 563 Crore to Mutual Fund for holding RBL Bank shares

Yesterday we has some information in relation to RBL Bank stating that the MD and CEO resigning and share tanking by more than 22% in a single day and RBL doing  concall in a hurry claiming its quality credit and growth aspects. Without going into deep analysis of RBL Bank, we will share you MutualContinue reading “Update on Estimated Loss of 563 Crore to Mutual Fund for holding RBL Bank shares”

Investing Psychology

When it comes to achieving success in life, most people accept that hard work and luck with determination and courage to stick the course are most important factors. However, when it comes to investing these factors are rarely practised. Most people try to use their luck in full gear expecting to strike a gold mineContinue reading “Investing Psychology”

Investing in Tough Times

“Show me the incentive and I will show you the outcome” – Charlie Munger The past decade has seen many simple established investment phenomena been questioned. From negative interest rates to negative prices for crude, what was considered to be once a millennium events (six sigma events) have suddenly popped around the world all inContinue reading “Investing in Tough Times”