Global Event Update- Evergrande

The global markets are on a high given the fiscal stimulus and central bank profligacy. Since March 20 fiasco, market is making daily new highs in less than one and a half year without caring about the events looming all around the globe. During this euphoria, certain markets too have entered into bearish zones. ButContinue reading “Global Event Update- Evergrande”

Indian Manufacturing – Impact of PLI Scheme

Asian economies have generally been a manufacturing base for most of the European & American consumers. China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand all have significant contribution of GDP from the manufacturing sector. India, on the other hand, generates 60% of its GDP from the service sector. Manufacturing has been stagnating in the range of 13% toContinue reading “Indian Manufacturing – Impact of PLI Scheme”

Gamma Squeeze

The concept of short Squeeze is prevalent in market these days but the correct terminology to define this concept is Gamma Squeeze. Before describing the events of Gamma Squeeze, we need to emphasize on the real meaning of Gamma Squeeze. “Gamma Squeeze” as the term suggests is an outcome where investors using many options driveContinue reading “Gamma Squeeze”

Money- Evaluating its value in the 21st Century

Summary Since ancient times, money has meant several things to several civilizations. The history of money is quite old and dates back to period before Christ. The concept of money revolves around its use as a medium of exchange for goods and services. It started in the form of the barter and later evolved intoContinue reading “Money- Evaluating its value in the 21st Century”

Investing Psychology

When it comes to achieving success in life, most people accept that hard work and luck with determination and courage to stick the course are most important factors. However, when it comes to investing these factors are rarely practised. Most people try to use their luck in full gear expecting to strike a gold mineContinue reading “Investing Psychology”

The 4 Ds- Debt Deflation Demography and Default, Part II

Link to First Part: Demography The demographic dividend is the potential of economic growth that can result from shifts in a population’s age structure, mainly when the share of the working-age population exceeds the non-working-age share of the population. However, the world is aging at a faster rate than most can ever imagine. The USAContinue reading “The 4 Ds- Debt Deflation Demography and Default, Part II”

The 4 Ds- Debt Deflation Demography and Default, Part I

We live in interesting times. On one hand, we are living in one of the most prosperous ages the earth has ever seen. The technological advancement is unparalleled in human history. Global wars have not been seen since last 75 years baring a few small localised wars. The global population is 7 billion plus strongContinue reading “The 4 Ds- Debt Deflation Demography and Default, Part I”

A Short Note on Silver

We have already discussed the importance of gold in the monetary system in our previous article. Platinum, Palladium, Gold and silver forms part of precious metal group. These metals are carefully selected owing to their properties. Most of them are precious because they are rare and serve some important function. Platinum for example is usedContinue reading “A Short Note on Silver”

How Important is oil to India’s Development?

India’s energy policy is very critical to the growth of the country. The country imports 85% of its oil and has been importing coal too in recent years. Recently we saw a huge rise in the prices of diesel and petrol in the month of May & June 2020 due to increase in excise duty.Continue reading “How Important is oil to India’s Development?”

Effect of Abolishment of Dividend Distribution Tax

Previously, Dividend Distribution Tax (DDT) was payable by the Domestic Company on declaration, distribution or payment of dividend. However, Finance Bill 2020, proposed to abolish Dividend Distribution Tax, and has shifted the burden of taxability to the recipient of dividend Income i.e. the shareholder or Unit holder (in case Mutual Fund). Erstwhile Provision of theContinue reading “Effect of Abolishment of Dividend Distribution Tax”