While the western world is busy with sanction policies these days on Russia and Russian Stock Exchange historically had a nightmare over Putin’s diplomacy. With Russian Stock Exchange like Moex or RTSI falling like a pack of cards (Single day downfall of more than 30%) Russia banning trading in Stock Exchange, freezing asset prices of preceding date after Ruble being tumbled and doing forex intervention. While no one is talking about Ukraine Financial position. Without going into biased views, today we will present the data related to Russia and Ukraine’s latest Amounts outstanding / Stocks at end-September 2021 and will leave it to our viewers with a question that will sanctions really matter to Russia or will it be costly affairs for European countries?

From the above picture it seems that a layman can also conclude that who is the real winner and who is the real looser. At one side we have a country who is a major supplier of natural resources to world while on the other side we have countries who are dependent on energy to Russia. It is just a matter of time that these sanctions will add some fire to supply chain. What will Central Banks do? Will stance of EU and US will remain same on Russia?  Will it be mere verbal words to give success to Putin’s long dream? Will sanctions really mean to Putin? This time we will leave to you and will wait for our reader’s view. Your view is precious to us as it creates value.

– By Nishant Maheshwari & Vishal Vora

Disclosure: The above article is based on views expressed by the authors and are meant for information purpose only. Readers are requested to take investment decisions by consulting their financial advisors.

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