Update on Estimated Loss of 563 Crore to Mutual Fund for holding RBL Bank shares

Yesterday we has some information in relation to RBL Bank stating that the MD and CEO resigning and share tanking by more than 22% in a single day and RBL doing  concall in a hurry claiming its quality credit and growth aspects. Without going into deep analysis of RBL Bank, we will share you Mutual funds who are holding this scrip:

(a) Main Trust wise holding as on 30.11.2021

Detailed Mutual Fund wise holding as on 30.11.2021


While the adds in media are floated with Mutual Fund Sahi hai and many cricketers and Celebrities are promoting this industry. We have scams of SREI, DHFL and Yes Bank which were officially declared. While many names which never crossed its all-time highs like in recent case of RBL. It touched all time high of Rs 736  and now its 131 (27.12.2021 price) or Indiabulls which crossed 900 and now its 221 (InSite of Bull market) or DHFL which crossed 600 and got delisted or SREI group which crossed 100 and now quoting at pennies. 

Our only question to these Mutual fund industries that what provoked them to Invest in such Banks or companies. They are regular investors and they attend all concalls and they are in regular touch with industry experts while retailers are not experts. They possess all knowledge and skills while retailers lack same. So in spite of such knowledge and fact they are making such mistakes repeatedly? Our only suggestion to investors is to start asking questions to the Mutual fund managers too.

From CA Nishant Maheshwari and Vishal Vora

Disclosure: This article is for information only and should not be construed as a financial advice.

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4 thoughts on “Update on Estimated Loss of 563 Crore to Mutual Fund for holding RBL Bank shares

  1. Loss in stock market isa part of the game. You can not hold amc responsible for losses.

    Why did u not praise them when stock went to 700 from 335. By the way what if it goes up to 300 again?


  2. Taking out solitary and handful of auch decision and highlighting it is quite disappointing. Out of 100s of decision which creates wealth for investors, why the article is silent on the contribution mutual fund industry has given to investing community. No other investment if held for long term generates wealth which is easily 2 to 3 times then returns generated by any other ‘safer’
    and ‘guaranteed’ venues. And this is inspire of DHFL, and RBL bank debacle. Mutual fund are not gods that they can take 100 % right decisions. Don’t undermine the mutual fund industry by picking out such singular and handful incidences on 25 years plus history of wealth creation.


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