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Crypto Market update-Tether-What is inside Tether and how transparent Tether is?

After the crypto space, we came across with one news that Tether lost its peg against dollar. The whole crypto story is not over without Binance and Tether where Sale or Purchase transaction of crypto took place. Original Link to post Tether Ltd. also says one Tether is worth exactly one US dollar.…

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Bond Market & Volatility

The Black Swan is an interesting book and a concept. It includes an example of a Turkey which due to complacency and routine feels it is normal to be fed everyday and that process will continue forever. Until one day it is fed upon. Stability and complacency breeds instability.  Throughout history the fallacy of man…

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 Analysis Fed’s latest Balance sheet to determine Quantitative Tightening by Fed

While the programme of Quantitative Tightening by FED has started wherein $47.50 billion of QT will happen each month starting from June to August 2022 wherein $30Billion per month will be from Treasury Securities and $17.50 billion per month will be from Agency Debt and Agency Mortgage Backed Securities. Though size of this QT is…

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          Section 13(3) of Federal Reserve Act,1913-What does that mean for Economic revival?

Before starting with our Blog, lets analyse one important section from Federal Reserve Act,1913. Its Section 13(3) which states: “In unusual and exigent circumstances, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, by the affirmative vote of not less than five members, may authorize any Federal reserve bank, during such periods as the said…

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Start-up Bubbles- Why Mutual Funds are betting to give Exit to PE Participants?

Today when I saw newspaper, I saw Delhivery coming with IPO. When I saw twitter, I got to know that roughly 2346 crore have been raised from 64 Anchor Investors. Prominent names like Goldman Sachs, Amansa, Aberdeen, Tiger Global, Schroder and Baillie Giffors were international participants. Domestic Institutional funds like SBI, HDFC and ICICI are…

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Currency Crisis – 2022

In our first two articles published on the blog( here and here), we had highlighted how fragile the global economy was with its constant need for stimulus and lack of demand drivers. It was informed that the dependence on the equity and debt markets would increase and stock market would become the economy as asset…

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Inflation or Stagflationary Deflation?

A quick look across the commodities pricing for the past one year reveals an inflationary picture. Source: This will certainly seem a lot given the returns posted here. Given that we have been through a pandemic induced supply shock and now a war like situation threatening additional supply sources, it is a general expectation…

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While the western world is busy with sanction policies these days on Russia and Russian Stock Exchange historically had a nightmare over Putin’s diplomacy. With Russian Stock Exchange like Moex or RTSI falling like a pack of cards (Single day downfall of more than 30%) Russia banning trading in Stock Exchange, freezing asset prices of…

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It is not known to men what is good for them. I read that lines in school in my English textbook. I keep remembering that sentence every now and then. The Fed appears to have me recollect it. Since last many months we are hearing that Fed will hike interest rate 5 times while others…

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